What is the “industrial energy efficiency market”?

The objective of the EEIP industry network is to contribute to a better functioning of energy efficiency markets through information exchange and networking. So how did we define this market? Which ultimately leads to “who should be a member”? Market research, International Energy Agency (IEA) and many stakeholder interviews helped us to put the “relevant market” together:

  • Eco-System: We have to deal with an “eco-system” covering the entire value chain including industrial users but also IT, finance and policy.
  • More than Energy Management System: Energy efficiency is most often only part of the picture, e.g. in a certain production process there is the need for a pump doing a specific “job” – and energy efficiency only becomes relevant when the “business case” kicks in in the form of the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Who are the members?

Companies consist out of people, so does EEIP. The logic comes from energy efficiency having a different business relevance depending on the job (compare objectives of buyers and engineers).

People communicate differently, so does EEIP. We built EEIP as a neutral and open network consisting out of multiple channels, from online and print to events allowing everyone to connect HOW, WHEN and WHERE they want. It works like a “Mosaic” – all little stones together are creating the picture, the EEIP network.

The result?

  • A global industry network of over 125.000 members
  • Growing by 100+ members every day

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