Compressor for Alto Trevigiano Servizi wastewater plant

Located in the area where Prosecco wine is produced and at the time of the harvest and when the winery is at its busiest, from late Aug to early Nov, there’s a considerable increase in the organic burden entering the plant, to the point of reaching a PE (Population Equivalent) of 10,000 with peaks of 13,000 on some days. To manage both the seasonal surges and the daily variations, it is vital to use equipment that can guarantee flexibility in terms of air supply, pumping, and mixing capacity.

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Plastics: Motan - speed controlled vacuum generators

Flexible, intelligent conveying systems with speed-controlled vacuum generators: Utilizing Elmo Rietschle side-channel compressors and vacuum pumps, motan‘s METRO G and GRAVICOLOR product lines offer a prime example of how process flow digitalization is improving material flow and productivity across the plastics industry.

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Bakery UK - production air with heat recovery

Just three months after installing two fixed-speed L110s and one regulated-speed L132RS compressor, along with a heat recovery system from CompAir, a leading supplier of bread products is on target to achieve annual energy savings in the region of £188,000, with a payback on investment in less than two years.

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Dimaro wastewater plant - magnetic screw compressor

ROBOX energy helps a regional wastewater treatment plant to achieve maximum effciency and excellent energy savings.The Dimaro plant presents an unusual challenge. While all other treatment plants in the area feature canonical 4.5m-deep oxidation tanks, the Dimaro tanks are 7m deep. In addition, the plant is located about 800m above sea level, resulting in a significantly lower atmospheric pressure compared to other sites.

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