Infrared Thermal Energy Scanning for Energy Efficiency Assessment

Highlights: Infrared scanning provides you with good images of the condition of an electrical installation without having to switch off the power or even touching the components.. The thermal images make you discover wasted energy and upcoming faults and infrared scanning has the best Return on Investment (ROI) of any of the available electrical inspection tools.

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10 Facts about Energy Management

About 11% of all EU energy consumption can be economised cost-effectively through the adoption of more effective energy management. Energy management is a structured process through which organisations seek to optimise their energy use, by reducing energy waste, increasing energy-efficiency and increasing the share of renewable energy. Energy management standards, such as EN ISO 50001, offer a comprehensive approach to address the various behavioural, technological and regulatory requirements.

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Top 10 about Electric Motor Systems

In industry, electric motors are widespread and often hidden in closed systems such as fans, pumps or compressors. In the transition towards a zero-carbon energy system, the role of electric motors will grow even further. The technology to make motor systems more energy efficient is available on the market and its adoption is mostly beneficial from a life-cycle costing perspective.

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10 Facts about Heat Pumps

Heat pump technology is efficient and mature. Capacities range from 20kW to 100kW for residential applications and even higher capacities for commercial applications. Industrial and district heating heat pumps reach capacities of several MW. Operating the unit when surplus electricity is available and storing that surplus energy in the form of heat provides significant demand response capacity to the electric system and enables the integration of a larger share of renewable electricity.

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