Infographic: Energy Use and Emissions in the Cement Industry

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12 June 2017


Ali Hasanbeigi

Infographic: Energy Use and Emissions in the Cement Industry

The cement industry is one of the most energy-intensive and highest CO2 emitting industries and one of the key industrial contributors to air pollutions (PM, SO­2, etc.) in the world. 

The infographic below is prepared by Global Efficiency Intelligence, LLC to summarize some key information on energy use and emissions in the cement industry.

Global Efficiency Intelligence, LLC has experience conducting various projects and studies on energy efficiency, GHG and other emissions reduction, energy benchmarking, and alternative fuel use in the cement industry in China, India, U.S., Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

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Ali Hasanbeigi, Ph.D.
Founder, CEO, and Research Director
(originally posted on Global Efficiency Intelligence)

About the Author

Ali Hasanbeigi is the Founder, CEO, and Research Director at Global Efficiency Intelligence, LLC., covering energy system efficiency, demand side management, smart manufacturing, emerging technologies, and technology and policy evaluation