Onward we go – starting the credentialing process for ICP Europe industry projects

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11 December 2017


Rod Janssen

The Investor Confidence Project, funded by the European Commission, was brought to Europe to develop a system to give confidence to all active stakeholders. There are still concerns that investing in energy efficiency is risky. ICP Europe is designed to change that. Starting with investments in buildings, ICP Europe has now broadened the scope to include industry (large and small), district energy and street lighting.   

Several weeks ago, I wrote about the importance of technical integrity and many readers participated in the technical forum for industry. This group helped prepare two protocols on industry: a complex protocol for projects which consists of either a number of different Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) or fewer but more complex ECMs; and a targeted protocol designed for projects which may consist in multiple instances of one or a few Energy Conservation Measures.  The third technical forum was held November 29th and the Protocols were published the following week.  

Now the ICP Project Development Specification is being prepared. The PDS provides a clear roadmap for Project Developers to correctly implement each requirement specified in the ICP protocols based on current best practices and available industry resources. It represents the collective project development knowledge of a large team of industry experts and has been designed to allow various stakeholders to develop projects that meet a consistent level of quality and conform to the ICP Protocols.  

In early 2018, there will be training for individuals and organisations to gain credentials as a project developer under ICP Europe.  

The Project Developer Credential designates that a project developer (ESCO, Engineering firm, facility manager, asset owner, etc.) is qualified to develop Investor Ready Energy Efficiency™ (IREE) projects that comply with the ICP Energy Performance Protocols.  The Project Developer Credential allows asset owners, investors, and program administrators to have confidence that the ICP Protocols will be appropriately applied by qualified professionals to originate quality projects producing consistent returns.  

Credential Requirement

Compliance with the admission requirements will be reviewed on a case by case basis. In order to become a credentialed PD, firms must:  

  • Retain, either on staff or under contract, an individual who has completed the ICP Project Developer training and either:  
    • Is a licensed Professional Engineer under a nationally recognised scheme which is relevant to energy in buildings (e.g. Chartered Mechanical Engineer); or
    • Has an engineering or science degree, and a nationally or internationally recognised certification, which is relevant to energy in industry - these qualifications will be reviewed on a case by case basis.  
  • Provide evidence of a minimum of 5 years’ relevant project development experience for those individuals attending the training, which spans the entire lifecycle of the ICP process;
  • Project Developers must provide a minimum of 3 references from past projects
  • Maintain Professional Indemnity / Errors and Omissions insurance or equivalent policy                  

Qualification Revalidation Requirements  

This will be based on a three-year renewal cycle. The PD must either:  

  • Complete one project development/certification in this period, and thus automatically qualify for renewal; or
  • Provide evidence of relevant continued professional development activity (for example, attending conferences, attending courses, producing papers) - these would be validated on a case by case basis.  

Next steps  

ICP Europe is now looking for potential pilot projects to test the process. Project developers will be trained and certified to use the Protocols. ICP Europe will also be moving to the next phase of developing protocols for district energy and street lighting.  

If you are interested in participating on those Technical Forums, please go to our website to register.  Information is available here [http://europe.eeperformance.org/technical-forum.html].  

If you need more information, please contact our Technical Director, Luís Castanheira at luis.castanheira@eeperformance.org or Rod Janssen at rod.janssen@ee-ip.org.  

For other related blogs prepared by Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes on the ICP project, go to the EEIP website or directly to   

About the Author

Rod Janssen is the President of Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes (EEIP).

Rod is also member of various Steering Groups and boards such the ICP Europe Steering Group, the SEIF advisory board and the board of ECEEE