Energy Savings Insurance - the next BIG thing?

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RISK - a typical "end of discussion" when it comes to the potential of energy savings in industry.

So what is the typical case?

  • It starts with an assessment of the energy savings potential linked to a high number in Euro - the "easy" part.
  • then the discussion moves towards "who is guaranteeing that I will really be able to receive this savings over the period of e.g. 2 or 5 years"?
  • ... silence
  • and the project proposal ends in the cupboard.

And here it comes, possibly the next BIG thing not only to implement a lot more of this proposals but also to drive far more investment into the sector: an insurance for energy savings.


How does it work?

KlimaProtect together with Hannover Re developed an insurance approach for energy savings called "Energie Einspar Protect (EEP)". KlimaProtect acts as the certifying body assessing a project proposal or a framework contract with a supplier. Once a project is certified, the calculated energy savings will be insured and the client has the guarantee that he will receive the estimated amount.

Sound too good?
Well, as said, that is possible the next big thing. It will not only allow companies to get cheaper bank loans to finance these investments but also attract financial investors such as specialized investment funds as the return is guaranteed plus the transaction costs to indentify and select a suitable project are reduced significantly.

You want to know more?
Check out the websites or the attached brochure (pdf attached) - or join the "Industrial Energy Recovery" conference 12 June at  Duisburg or the EU Sustainable Energy Week in Brussels (27 June). KlimaProtect and Hannover Re will present their solution at both events!


What do you think about it?

We are looking forward to hear your comments.

Juergen Ritzek


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