EEIP Congress: Energy Recovery in Industry: Opportunity for Energy Efficiency

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| Berlin, Melia Hotel

EEIP, Europe´s fastest growing platform for industrial energy efficiency, is organizing a European Congress in cooperation with DENEFF, the energy efficiency initiative of German industry. The Congress covered the business case for industrial waste heat and energy recovery. Starting from the challenges such as regulation and financing and moving to the solutions, from technology & services to revenue streams and specials like grid access.

Speakers came from the European Institutions and German Parliament as well as from energy intensive industries, solution providers and investment funds. Particiants came from many sectors, from those working on industrial cogeneration, heat pumps, heat exchangers, energy management systems or looking into how industrial facility can save or better use energy.


The Congress, 'Energy Recovery in Industry: Opportunity for energy efficiency', was orgaised by EEIP (Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes), Europe´s fastest growing platform for industrial energy efficiency, and DENEFF (German, industry led initiative for energy efficiency) and took place on 24-25 October in Berlin (Melia Hotel Berlin, Friedrichstrasse, close to German Bundestag). EEIP has grown since its launch at the EU Commission in April 2011 into the biggest industrial energy efficiency network in Europe with over 17,000 members and the EU Commission nomination for one of the best Sustainable Energy communication projects of 2012.

EEIP energy recovery work is supported by the European Commission throiugh a grant dedicated to support energy intensive industries covered under the 3rd ETS phase. Waste Heat Recovery is assumed to play a major role to lower costs, reduce allowance obligations and enhance competitiveness. So what are the main challenges and what are solutions to allow a broader and faster adoption of waste heat recovery solutions? 


Presentations are now available wherever there is a link:

Wednesday, 24 October - Energy Recovery : the CHALLENGES

Regulatory challenges: Frameworks for “Sustainable Industry”

Chair: Martin Bornholdt, DENEFF

Keynote speech ‘Energy Policy for Sustainable Industry’ by Tudor Constantinescu, Principal Advisor, European Commission, DG Energy

Future of European Manufacturing: Green, Competitive and Successful - Michael Kauch  Member of German Federal Parliament, (FDP)

Future of European Manufacturing: Industry in Ireland and Europe - Declan Meally The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland

Energy Recovery, Future of European Industry: Benchmark - The way to Excellence? - Thierry Copie Schneider Electric, France


Business challenges: from “audit” to “access”

Chair: Rod Janssen, EEIPFin

Overview: What are challenges for energy recovery. A User perspective - Toini Løvseth Finnfjord, Norway

Industry & Cities alliance: No Smart Cities without industry - Aleksandar Ivancic BIArch, Spain

Good Practice: Partnering government, utilities and industry in Australia - Gabriele Sartori Stanwell, Australia


Thursday, 25 October - Energy Recovery : the SOLUTIONS

Solutions through “Technology & Services”

Chair: Charlotte Ruhbaum, DENEFF

Furnace and Offgas Cooling for 3 Ferro Alloy EAF- Herbert Hüning Reining Heisskühlung, Germany

Steam Turbines for Waste Heat Recovery - Ralf Hommers MAN Diesel & Turbo SE, Germany

Innovations in industrial energy efficiency - Ralph Heuwing Dürr AG, Germany

ORC for Waste Heat Recovery: The H-REII DEMO project - Marco Baresi Turboden, Italy / EU project H-REII DEMO

Opportunity for energy efficiency: smart engineering of pump systems in chemical processes - Thomas Würsch CP Pump Systems, Switzerland


Energy recovery: The Economics

Chair: Rod Janssen, EEIPFin

Industry as a part of an integrated energy system and potentials of energy efficiency in industry - Araceli Fernandez Pales International Energy Agency, France

Money is there: A capital market perspective - Patrick Fankhauser Investmentfund Susi Partners, Switzerland

Financing - Options from company perspective - Bart Vercoutere i-Cleantech Vlaanderen, Belgium

Realise the potential with learning energy efficiency networks (LEEN) - Dirk Koewener LEEN GmbH, Germany


Energy recovery: The Implementation

Chair: Erik Gudbjerg, EEIPProcess

Services for a sustainable use of energy in industrial appliances and associated utilities - Isabel Tejero Cofely GDF-SUEZ, Spain

Energy Management Systems - Dietmar Gründig German Energy Agency - dena

Optimizing Intelligent and Sustainable Energy- and Facility Management - Mark Peterson OSIsoft/Microsoft, United Kingdom

A real case: Electricity production at fero-alloy producer Finnfjord - Jacob Steinmo Finnfjord, Norway


Industrial energy efficiency and energy recovery: Best ways forward?

Roundtable discussion moderated by Toini Løvseth, EEIP EnRec


Conclusion: Mapping the best ways forward for energy recovery and emission reduction

Toini Løvseth, EEIP EnRec


Tudor Constantinescu
Martin Bornholdt
Michael Kauch
Declan Meally
Thierry Copie
Rod Janssen
Toini Løvseth
Aleksandar Ivancic
Gabriele Sartori
Charlotte Ruhbaum
Herbert Hüning
Ralf Hommers
Ralph Heuwing
Marco Baresi
Thomas Würsch
Araceli Fernandez Pales
Patrick Fankhauser
Managing Director SUSI Energy Efficiency Fund
Bart Vercoutere
managing director
Dirk Koewener
Isabel Tejero
Dietmar Gründig
Mark Peterson
Jacob Steinmo
Erik Gudbjerg