"Developing alternative sources of energy and achieving greater energy efficiency is both a significant global investment opportunity and an environmental imperative"George Soros, 2011


Capturing Multiple Benefits of Energy Efficiency
by Ritzek
HOW to include "multiple benefits" of Energy Efficiency?The IEA has just published a report called " Capturing the Multiple Benefits of Energy Efficiency" (see attached an Exec Sum, for the full report see IEA website, price €80 for pdf).In this report the IEA states that traditionally the focus...
China´s industrial energy efficiency efforts
by Ritzek
CHINA’S INDUSTRIAL ENERGY EFFICIENCY EFFORTS   By Zach Friedman and Robert P. Taylor   How China is responding to its energy, economic, and environmental challenges As the world ramps up its efforts to mitigate climate change without negatively impacting the global economy, many are looking to...
Energy Culture – Improving industrial energy efficiency through behavioral change
by Wising
Despite the efforts made over the last 20 years, research suggests that there remains an important potential to reduce energy consumption in energy intensive industry by 15-25%[i]. The same research indicates that energy management and behavioral changes can achieve up to half of this remaining...
EEIP now participating in new EU-UN financial industry initiative
by Janssen
Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes is pleased to be now included in an important financial initiative of the European Commission and the United Nations Environment Programme to establish a permanent dialogue amongst financial institutions and related stakeholders to address the important...