"Developing alternative sources of energy and achieving greater energy efficiency is both a significant global investment opportunity and an environmental imperative"George Soros, 2011


EEIP now participating in new EU-UN financial industry initiative
by Janssen
Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes is pleased to be now included in an important financial initiative of the European Commission and the United Nations Environment Programme to establish a permanent dialogue amongst financial institutions and related stakeholders to address the important...
The Trillion $ Race: IoT in Industry - the Business Cases?
by Ritzek
IoT (Internet of Things) - the multi trillion USD opportunity for industry. But how does that work?, what is behind?, what are the Business Cases? and what will be the impact on energyefficiency?Following all the announcements from IT companies, telecommunication giants and also some of the...
Just published: the latest edition of our magazine
Just published: The April issue of Energy Efficiency Business & Industry!!  It includes articles on energy culture and how China is responding to its energy, economic and environmental challenges. We also introduce EU SPIRE initiative for process efficiency and how a startup is working on big...
Energy security in Germany - study to reduce gas dependency from Russia via energy efficiency
by Ritzek
Energy security in Germany The Krim crisis has all of the sudden brought back an old subject: the dependancy of Germany on Russian gas. Ecofys did a quick study (in German) on behalf of DENEFF to assess the dependency by sector and the impact energy efficiency measures could have to reduce the...