"Developing alternative sources of energy and achieving greater energy efficiency is both a significant global investment opportunity and an environmental imperative"George Soros, 2011


Efficient EU policy for efficient EU industry
Energy and its central role in ferro-alloys production Ferro-alloys and silicon production is highly energy-intensive. Energy cost is one of the main competitive factors for the industry and thus energy efficiency is sought where possible. Energy efficiency measures taken by industry also have the...
Demand Response in France
by Antony Parsons   Sustained low temperatures during the end of the winter season as well as ongoing programmed plant maintenance produced a high level of tension on the French electric grid at the start of April. To reduce this tension the RTE called for a particularly important load curtailment...
by Ritzek
27% - that is the new energy efficiency goal for the European Union till 2030 "27% energy efficiency increase till 2030" is one of the outcomes of yesterdays (23. Oct. 2014) European Council meeting. Other decisions concern renewable energy, greenhouse gas emissions, the intenal energy market and...
Haagen Dazs in Arras: Actemium optimises energy consumption
Haagen Dazs, which produces and markets ice cream the world over, has a production site in Arras. Industrial refrigeration is a substantial cost item, accounting for more than 65% of the energy consumed by the site. To produce the refrigeration, 20 compressors are needed. In partnership with Haagen...